Grimtouched of Dar’kharrow

Noone exactly know how the grimtouched came to be. It seemed as if from one day to the other, Dar’kharrow was plunged into chaos. In a flash, Lightgarde was turned into a ruin, and only a few months later undead walked the streets.

Many initiatives were taken to counter the undead. Walls were raised and cities were patrolled. Initiating military rule, Aranos Brutanados vouched to bring peace to the lands and contain the undead threat for useful purposes. And he delivered.

Yet the problem stretched further than ever imagined and soon began an uprising. Clearwater Reserve, a site filled with holy water, was attacked countless times by the rebel Arnoldi Grailbearer and his undead henchmen. Violence broke out as the living of Dar’kharrow feared what might walk the streets, tales of monstrous creatures flourished, and corpses were found partially devoured.

This marked the beginning of a new age of turbulence.
And this is the tale of those who fueled the fires.

Grimtouched of Dar'kharrow

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