Grimtouched of Dar'kharrow

The journey to Lightgarde

Session 6

Eric returned to Dar’kharrow Port and joined up with the rest of the party.

After some discussion the party decided to travel to St Barbanstown through The Ruins of Lightgarde.

After a day of traveling the party reached the forest near the mountains just north of the blackened area around The Ruins of Lightgarde. Here they set up camp. Whilst Erast slept the rest of the party were on the lookout for danger.

During their second day of traveling the party were beset by a small pack of zombie wolves. After a short battle the wolves were killed, with no harm done to the members of the party.

The party arrived at the The Ruins of Lightgarde in the afternoon and set out to find a library to gain knowledge of what might have happened to destroy the city of Lightgarde.

After some search in the library two of the party members met a strange robed and masked person, who introduced himself as “Kar”.

This Kar person proved to be kind of weird and vanished mysteriously after a brief talk with Thanos and Eric.

Whilst the party wasted their time in the library, Mornie har the fortune of aqainting himself with a strange gnome.

A short while later, the party were attacked by two undeads, Cadavers.
The party quickly dispatched the undeads with little difficulty. One of them being splattered by a single ray of fire at the hands of Erast.

As the time passed the night aproached. The party decided to travel through the runs towards St Barbanstown.

As they neared the edge of the city, the were beset by packs of undead.

3 Ghouls blocked their way, whilest cadavers attacked from behind, whilst Zoombies attacked from the side.

Thanos and Mornie managed to slip by the ghouls however Lucy was demounted by the ghouls. After a small intermission, Eric made a glorious stand killing all of the undeads and the skeletons which attacked him after the battle started.

Mornie and Erast rode of into the wildernes whilst the rest of the party made their stand.

Days passed: 3



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