Arnoldi Grailbearer

Second-in-command of the Grimtouched Grailbearers


Arnoldi stands at about 5’’ 7’, bald, with green eyes. He is dressed in simple, elegant robes, and carries with him a scimitar. Arnoldi has a mask-like iron jaw, stretching from one ear to the other. The artificial jaw seems nailed into his cranium along the rims.


Arnoldi Grailbearer is the previous leader of the Grimtouched Grailbearers, and currently head advisor and bodyguard to Altha Skyrunner. Arnoldi cares litte about how he came to be, who he was, and who knew him before he became grimtouched. After his “awakening”, he was distraught and in his confusion, he was quickly captured and detained in the Clearwater Reserve.

During his time in captivity, Arnoldi was convinced that the living are weak, attempting to control what they fear and only prevailing because of the lack of resistance. Wanting to defy this tendency, Arnoldi understood that while the living has a timely end, the undead does not.

To this end, Arnoldi created the organization “the Grimtouched of the Grail” – otherwise known as “The Grimtouched Grailbearers” – which fights to free any and all grimtouched from oppression, ultimately wanting to see the grimtouched rise to cover the entire world.

Arnoldi is an honest individual, and will not try to trick anyone into their demise. He carries little empathy towards the living though, and kills anyone who cannot prove that they are grimtouched. He keeps calm in the face of slander and trouble, and does not fear death in battle, but tries to be calculated in his actions.

During the liberation of the grimtouched, Arnoldi was critically wounded, losing his jaw and thereby his ability to speak. Yet his loyalty and honesty proved him as a useful ally to Altha Skyrunner, whom recruited him as her right hand and head advisor. Many suspect that the relation between Altha and Arnoldi digs deeper than they make it out, but all such claims are met with a calm rejection.

Arnoldi Grailbearer

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