How did curiosity kill the cat?


Wearing nothing but a scholars outfit and a pair of glasses on the nose Erik looks mostly like the random librarian you are never going to talk to again. Everything from his body structure to his facial features screams of a nobody. Normal average range brown hair with nut brown eyes is other features that just makes this grimtouch more common, no beard to look special. Nothing really to indentify him, except one thing: In the center of his forehead shines a blue’ish pentagram with a circle around and many mysterious runes, all glowing in shifting strenght like the ocean.


Eric is an energetic 25ish grimtouched, who seems to lack a little bit of knowledge about how a ‘normal’ conversation goes. Although he is trying to improve his verbal communication skills and learn the rules and social standards he still have far to go. Eric is married to his darling wife, which he is never seen unaccompanied by. Eric used to own a farm, but it was burned down 7 years ago.


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