Holgar Foebane

"Ehm... Did any of you see a dragon pass through here?"


Covered in thick platemail, Holgar rumbles as he walks. Carrying a massive tower shield and a dwarven waraxe, this stubby warrior always seem ready to fight.


Holgar is a dwarven warrior and bountyseeker residing in St. Barbans Town, but an enthusiastic traveller. Preferring to engage in personal hand-to-hand combat, Holgar is very strong, albiet not the sharpest tool in the shed. Easily distracted and very naive, Holgar hunts dragons and other monsters purely off the advice of others. Even if it goes nowhere.

Still, Holgar wants to be a hero, and doesn’t care about politics or righteousness. Not just this, he is adamant to the idea that the larger an enemy is, the more honorable it is to kill it. Bored by liches, wizards, and master swordsmen, few things meet Holgars standards as “worthy foes”.

While he might be naive, Holgar is an experienced adventurer and warrior, and should not be taken lightly in combat. Capable of taking several blows, and possessing a powerful right hand swing, Holgar can fight off most foes alone.

Cursed with a horrible temper, it is unwise to say certain things to Holgar. While he doesn’t care that people call him short, he dislikes being called fat or cowardly, and will react with savage violence if ever targeted with such slander.

Holgar Foebane

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