Hughon Urnighten

the male equilivant of 'Narrefisse'


Tall, pale, and with tidy black hair, Hughon wears expensive clothing ranging between red and purple, with multiple pieces of jewelry. Resembling a diplomat more than a warrior, Hughon has yet to be seen in battle, and refuses to go around dressed for combat.


Hughon Urnighten is the patriarch vampire of the Urnighten Family. An experienced diplomat and spy, Hughon bases most of his fortune and strength on his ability to gather intelligence.

While Hughon is well known throughout Dar’kharrow, he is very controlled and has yet to show himself to the public. Even the Sisters of Solaire, praised for their capabilites in hunting undead, are clueless as to his location or looks.

Preferring peaceful solutions, Hughon has an alliance to the current ruler of the grimtouched, Altha Skyrunner, and has sworn his family’s aid to her. This was done on the condition that she would not abuse the newfound allies for meager purposes, but instead exploit their full potential.

A somewhat strained relation to his family, Hughon travels Dar’kharrow with his daughter Fellicia and her personal maid Gloria. The reasoning for the choice remains unknown and Hughon doesn’t seem willing to share his ideas.

Hughon Urnighten

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