Has a dimension door shop and reads a book about himself


An elderly gentleman with fine, expensive clothing, Janus usually sits behind the counter in his shop “Shortcut”. Of average height with grey hair, Janus greets his customers with a smile.


Janus, also known as the shopkeeper of “Shortcut” (“Genvejen”), is a merchant specializing in planar transportation, first encountered on the black market under Dar’kharrow Port.

Operating out of three shops simultaneously, Janus sells teleportation, “Travel-On-Demand” potions, and magical storage; e.g. handy haversack, portable hole, bag of holding, etc.

The shops are all created differently. One is heated with a red stone floor and wooden walls; one has a completely white floor with the walls and roof paved with mirrors; and one looks just like any other shop, filled with wares for sale.

When confronted with haggling (as experienced by Eric), Janus seems to show little to no interest in countering the lowered prices.

  • When the team met Janus for the first time, he was reading a book called The Chronicles of Janus. Janus admitted that the book was one he had wrote himself, and that he was also the protagonist.
  • It was later revealed that the initial book was simply a first in a series of books about Janus’ feats throughout history.


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