Kar-(ma) is a bitch


A tall, hooded figure wearing an emotionless white mask with a golden rim and black robes adorned with white and purple stribes. His eyes burn red behind the mask, being the only visible part of his face.


The general jest of it:

Kar started his carreer, unlike many other necromancers, at a car wash (which wasn’t really a booming business since cars wasn’t invented yet). Due to his financial failure in his ‘Kar Wash’, he soon turned to necromancy for economical compensation. Not much is known about him after his turn to necromancy, but he was later spotted in The Ruins of Lightgarde by half of The B-Team. Here they talked and soon left him before the night rose and undeads would turn to the streets (see unlike other random encounters, undead encounters are only active during the night).

But seriously:

Kar is a wanderer and an inhabitant of The Ruins of Lightgarde. Little is known about the black robed figure, who was first encountered in the Royal Library of Lightgarde.

Kar has exhibited the ability to create illusions and disappear seemingly at will. Collected and relaxed during conversation, Kar has stated that the undead of Lightgarde leave him alone, and that he is comfortable with the silence.

  • When first encountered, Kar was reading a fairy tale called “Killer Flowers”.


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