had sex on a pile of bodies = BECOME THE FLESH BEAST


Levah was a huge pile of moveable flesh which struck fear into anything he even came close by. A grotesque abomination with a fetish for collecting dead bodies and a huge mallet, he could literally destroy anything breakable and make anyone run away in terror. However, if his face didn’t make you puke already, then he (after having brutal sex untop of a corpse pile and LITERALLY raping a woman to death) became even bigger and more disgusting to the point where everybody had to save vs. blindness just by looking at him.

Lukily his body was burned to such a crisp that is was unrecognizable.


ME SMASH! ME COLLECT CORPSE! ME FUCK PRETTY LADY! ME MAD! (see The A(bomination)-Team for info about exploits and friends)


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