Nidus Wyrmhaul

"The mistress is busy. You'll have to return later."


Emanating a disconcerting aura, Nidus Wyrmhaul is approximately 5’’ 10’ tall, clad in pitch black plate mail, and always carries with him his trusty longsword “Blade of the Ten Winters”. A fearsome opponent both when fielded on foot and on horseback, Nidus’ skin is a pale gray accompanied by eyes belonging to one who has risen again from the grave.


Nidus Wyrmhaul is captain of the guard of Falkville, and a loyal subject of Altha Skyrunner. Being a death knight, Nidus is well respected among the living dead, and has shown to be unwavering in his values.

While seldom talking about his past life, Nidus has garnered much attention for being one of the more reasonable officers at Altha’s disposal. Approachable, while still adamant in his convictions, Nidus has helped a great many grimtouched from having their heads cut off, and instead had them enlist in the Falkville Militia. Amongst those under his command, he has garnered a reputation for standing alongside his men during both training and combat, and is held in extremely high regard amongst his inferior officers, as he is the main connection towards Arnoldi and Altha.

Due to his high popularity, rumours has spread stating that Nidus would stake himself without second thought, if ordered to do so by his superiors. He is also said to be capable of leading only a handful of men to victory against armies, and some argue that he is a godsent angel from Altha. These rumours have latched on with some succes, yet most are considered unbelivable.

Nidus Wyrmhaul

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