A dangerous mage famously known for not being able to hurt a single living thing


Sonan (henceforth refered to as “Sonana”) is a grimtouched Death Mage. A Death Mage (as defined by the is:

“Though often mistaken for necromancer-specialist wizards, undead-bloodline sorcerers, or clerics of gods of death and repose, death mages are truthfully closer in function and training to an undead holy paladin.”


Sonana was a founding member of the The A-Team alongside Killigan and Levah. He had exceptionel skills within the fields of communicating with the death and killing grimtouched (he was a grimtouched himself). Apart from his extraordinary abilities he was like a wizard without spells, he knew a little bit about arcaic magic and ghosts.

He died by the hands of Grinex Pyrofiend only because he was the first to attack him after his guardians (Levah and Killigan) had fallen, anything else (even a cat) could have done the job after his friends was defeated.


Grimtouched of Dar'kharrow akaJusten