Titus Mannheim

"He's still out there... He's watching me... You understand, don't you?"


Crouched over and always shaking, Titus is a pale, gangly figure. His hands are covered in scars which stretch up his arms, and his face carries a branded symbol resembling a claw. Tattered clothes cover him from head to toe, covering up an almost skeletal body and multiple knives.


Titus Mannheim is a grimtouched cannibal and schizophrenic, residing mainly in Falkville. A blabbering mess, he is often taken for a fool and a lunatic, yet his insanity drives him to commit horrible atrocities.

Previously an inhabitant of St. Barbans Town, before it was converted into the headquarters of the Sisters of Solaire, Titus watched first hand as Nomak mutilated a victim. Nomak, having a cruel sense of humor, offered Titus a choice: Kill yourself, or face the same fate. Choosing the former, Titus slit his own throat and bled out.

As fate has it, Titus rose from the dead where he was killed – unbeknownst to Nomak who had died long ago – only remembering the last few seconds of his life; Nomak slaughtering a human, and then giving Titus the choice between death and pain.

Not fully understanding his condition, and having no humanity to keep him sane, Titus believes that Nomak is a god who enjoys hunting him. Titus fears that Nomak is always ready to end Titus, only waiting for him to let down his guard. This is regardless of the fact that Titus hardly knows who Nomak is, and the two wasn’t grimtouched at the same time.

Plunging into madness, Titus began replicating the only behavior he could truly remember as a tribute to his new master. Using tricks and ambushes, Titus considers every murder a sacrifice, the holy rite being the consumption of the victims corpse.

While desperately wanting allies, Titus is completely incapable of trusting anyone. Fundamentally believing that everyone is either illusory figments or allies of Nomak, Titus is hard convinced to friendship. Still, Titus has a will to live and can at times postpone his plans. Yet the longer he goes without a sacrifice, the more paranoid and twitchy he gets, and his self-control has boundaries.

Titus Mannheim

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