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  • Bonk

    Bonk is a servant bodyguard of [[:altha | Altha Skyrunner]], being one of two skeletons guarding the town hall in [[Falkville | Falkville]]. Noone but [[:altha | Altha]] knows who's corpse was used for Bonk's creation.

  • Gronk

    Gronk is the second bodyguard of [[:altha | Altha Skyrunner]], and the teammate of [[:bonk | Bonk]]. Noone but Altha knows whose corpse was used in the creation of Gronk

  • Nidus Wyrmhaul

    Nidus Wyrmhaul is captain of the guard of [[Falkville | Falkville]], and a loyal subject of [[:altha | Altha Skyrunner]]. Being a death knight, Nidus is well respected among the living dead, and has shown to be unwavering in his values. While seldom …

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