Captain Eliza and the grimtouched Levah

Captain Eliza and the grimtouched Levah

Author: Otiven Homeforger.

Let me tell you all a story
About love, war and glory
A love story between two natural foes
And a gleamer of hope which arose

Eliza was a captain of Solaire
No grimtouched she would spare
However there was one she didn’t kill
Some might even say this was the Divines will

Levah was a touched of the grim
Would kill everyone he met on a whim
However there was one he didn’t kill
Some say she gave him a thrill

In the alleys of st. Barbanstown
is where they meet around
When their eyes meet in the dark
An arc of love there would spark

She spared the life of this wanted man
And he helped her how he can
Her sisters looked at Eliza in awe
When her unseverable faith would wave

Outside st. Barbanstown they would met
Neither could live uncomplete
However they was spotted by Solaire
Her guards she would send to take care

Four bodies was left behind
Which Solaire then could find
Neither of which was our two lovers
they might already be under the covers.

When you see a poster of Levah
Ask yourself: “Who you are?”
Because this wanted deadly man
Took the woman he loved and ran

Some might say they both was killed
By remember that both was skilled
Neither their bodies have been found
Through matrimony they might be bound

Captain Eliza and the grimtouched Levah

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