Dar'kharrow Butcher

The Dar’kharrow Butcher is a serial killer (and possibly urban legend) who is credited for anything between 20 and more than 200 kills. Mostly targeting women in and around Dar’kharrow Port, the Dar’kharrow Butcher is one of the most well-known serial killers in Dar’kharrow, challenging even monsters like the Fleshbeast.

While rumours tell wildly varying stories of how the butcher operates, most stories maintain that the butcher chased only women, but even this detail is hard to nail down, and it is still unknown how he chose his victims.

It is disputed whether the Dar’kharrow Butcher is an actual person, or merely the fabrication of multiple grotesque murders. Most scholars agree that if there was an “original butcher”, he had a code of conduct, and that women were his primary – if not only – targets. Many copycats have since been caught and tried, some of which are suspected to be the original butcher. It is argued by some that if the “original butcher” exists, he is either dead or in hiding.

Most people believe the butcher was merely a maniac or sexual deviant, while a minority thinks that the butcher was a necromancer, followed by an undead construct resembling the Fleshbeast.

The ever increasing number of different stories about the butcher has lead most people to consider him a fairy tale, and only very few witnesses has even been found to the crimes that spawned the legend.

Dar'kharrow Butcher

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