Darkharrow Ghost Butcher

The Ghost of the Dar’kharrow butcher

Writter: Brian Ulzi-Trey Cher.

Now gather around kids and let your old man tell a story. This story takes place long long time ago, back when Dar’kharrow port was still nothing but a little camp with no more than thirty people. Back then people knew everything about everybody, and i tell you everything. Now this little piece of dust was nothing back then, but one fateful day a new person arrived at the town.

Nobody knew his name nor where he came from and to be quite frankly they was afraid to ask him. Weeks and even month went by without anybody in dar’kharrow port asking him about his name or who he was, he tried to start conversations, but the people generally avoided him. Among the people he was simply known as “The Butcher”, since he works as the butcher in the town.

Neither neighbor nor customers would strike conversations with him, the loneliness and pain soon became unbearable for the little butch, and he decided exactly one year after arrival to take his own life. The people of Dar’kharrow port, was not surprise in fact they was hoping for it, see the people of Dar’kharrow port had one favorite meal: Outsiders, and that night there would be a feast unlike any other i tell!

Dar’kharrow port would increase in size and the traditional favorite meal of the city was forgotten in the following fifty, maybe hundred years. Who knows? This was so many centuries ago that nobody can remember or find any information about this!

Now kids you might ask why this story is scary? Well i can tell because after the Fall of Lightgarde mearly ten years ago, something horrific started to happen, the dead would rise! Grimtouched, Ghouls and skeleton everywhere, but some people, would like to return, but could not. You see there is one person whose body is not whole, and he is out there collecting his body, from the descendant of the original settlers of Dar’kharrow port, so remember kids, if you ever see a small butcher missing a few body parts standing in the lonely streets on a dark night… Run, run as fast as you can.

Darkharrow Ghost Butcher

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