Death of A-Team

The deaths of Killigan, Levah, and Sonan happened at the hand of the bountyseeker Grinex Pyrofiend.

While still active, the team encountered many foes and slew a great deal of them with little trouble. Yet with the increased attention – and Levah’s increasing size – the team found it hard to hide from the multiple different factions that were chasing them.

Appointed enemies of the state, a desperate Aranos Brutanados hired the help of the pyromaniac goblin Grinex Pyrofiend, tasking him with finding and executing the team.

During their travels, Grinex found the team and engaged them from outside their effective range. As confusion struck, Grinex moved closer to get a better shot at the “criminals”, and managed to slay both Levah and Sonan before a counter attack could be set in motion.

Finally facing off against Killigan, Grinex was gravely wounded before he managed to finish off the anti-paladin. Bleeding and angered by the opposition, Grinex retreated to Bloodhold and claimed his reward.

The death of the team marked an important point in Dar’kharrow history, and Grinex was praised as a hero for his deeds.

  • It is highly disputed whether it was luck or skill that set Grinex as the victor. From his testimony, he couldn’t possibly have had a clear shot of the party at the distance he claims. Grinex himself has stated that he applied the clever use of a spyglass, which has later been revealed to be far less effective than it is claimed.
  • At the time of their death, Killigan was the only member of the A-team who was not wanted.

Death of A-Team

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