Sisters of Solaire

The general jest of it:

The Holy order of Solaire (commonly refered to as ‘Sisters of Solaire’) is a lesbian misandrist organisation. There are three things you do not tell a Sister of Solaire:

1. “I am a grimtouched,” because she will kill you without hesistation or even remorse. Afterwards she will skewer your entire family and burn every piece of information of your existance to the ground.

2. (If you are a man) “I wanna help you kill grimtouched”. Sisters of Solaire only despises grimtouched more than men, and will never under any circumstances recieve help from an inferior gender that cannot hold an orgasm more than 10 seconds.

3. “Those shoes does not match that armor,” you never tell a woman that her shoes does not match anything, this goes double for woman who can kill you in five syllables or less.

But seriously:

The Sisters of Solaire is a military organization lead by Astora Solaire, specializing in the persuit and destruction of all things undead. Regarded as both the most resourceful and prominent collection of undead hunters, the Sisters are highly respected and very dangerous.

Primarily operating out of St. Barbans Town, the Sisters have been shown to have an incredible sense of humanity, and has practically removed poverty in the city, elevating it to the most prosperous city in Dar’kharrow. This has come at the cost of several years of work, locking down the city to a near impenetrable fortress.

The Sisters are split into three major divisions:

  • The Sister Clergy, the backbone of the organization, spanning all of the clerics, paladins, and hunters. The Clergy operates based on the interpreted word of Astora Solaire.
  • The Sister Arcanis, mainly acting as an auxillery force and specializing in gathering intelligence. The Arcanis is loosely connected with the word of Astora Solaire, and primarily acts upon their own guidelines and codes of conduct.
  • The Sister Fanatics, a specialized and highly valuable gathering of extremely well trained warriors. These acknowledge only the literal interpretation of the word of Astora Solaire, and are rarely seen outside of St. Barbans Town.

While many consider the Sisters of Solaire to be subordinates to the Deathshield Guardians, it is a common misunderstanding. The Sisters adhere only the word of Astora Solaire, who considers herself an ally of Aranos Brutanados and respects him as a peer. However, should this change, the Sisters will see themselves completely free of any responsibility towards the Guardians, and would refuse orders on the spot.

Sisters of Solaire

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