St Barbanstown

The general jest of it:

St. Barbans Town is the most southern town within the realm of Dar’kHarrow and is famously known for it’s weird alcohol called “st. burbon” and it is the headquaters of Sisters of Solaire, which means that any grimtouched which comes within the range of Detect Undead from the city walls is dead.

But seriously:

St. Barbans Town is the southernmost town of Dar’kharrow, and the biggest civilian city. Currently the most prosperous town of Dar’kharrow, St. Barbans Town is renowned for being open to refugees and under extremely high levels of protection.

Before the liberation of Falkville, St. Barbans Town was inhabited by living and undead alike, but was cleansed when the Sisters of Solaire invaded the city. This was also the time where St. Barbans Town experienced a large riot from their homeless which resulted in a barracks burning. Commonly, this event has been credited as one of the first crimes committed by the Fleshbeast.

After the liberation and with the Sisters of Solaire settling in the town, the Deathshield Guardians have been stripped of their authority within city limits, and most have been dismissed to protect Bloodhold or patrol Dar’kharrow Port. As a result of this, there is no male guards in St. Barbans Town.


  • Den Hellige Frue (The Holy Maiden)
  • Det Hellige bæger (The Holy Challice)
  • Det udøde bodega (The Undead Bodega) (Total not a cover up to lure in grimtouched)

St Barbanstown

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