The Citadel

The general jest of it:

The Citadel is located west of the ruins of lightgarde, nothing is really known about this place, but which such an awesome name i wanna bet my grandmothers sneakers there will be something awesome.

But seriously:

The Citadel (also known as The Stronghold) is a massive fortress located just a few miles west of Lightgarde. Very little is known about The Citadel, except that it is home to the feared necromancer Ka’thull the Grim, often credited as the mage who destroyed Lightgarde, and that it was constructed so fast that when the inhabitants of Lightgarde noticed it, the gates were already standing.

Surrounded by immensely high walls, no adventurer who has dared to approach the Citadel has ever returned, and almost every single one has been found dead at the gates. To add insult to injury, horrible and twisted abominations have emerged from The Citadel, and waged war upon the living population of Dar’kharrow.

In a desperate attempt to stop the flow of undead, the living built a wall around the cities of Bloodhold, Falkville, and St. Barbans Town, guarding the cities against the constant barrage of creatures.

The Citadel

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