Urnigthen Family

The general jest of it:

The Urnighten family is a family consisting of a bit to many vampires located just north-east of st. barbanstown in a little shack (just knock on the door and ask for Harris). The urnighten family is very big, but only 2 people are needed to known: Harris & Hughon. Hughon is the head of the Urnighten vampire family and the boss who fucks his (5? or was it 6?) wives every day. He is somewhere between Don Carleone and Hugh Heffner, a crimeboss who doesn’t want problems with authorities and fucks all the bitches he can find. Harris on the otherhand is the families more prominent virgin and all his sexual anger and frustation is directed towards his farther (since Killigan died before they could do the naugthy thing). The rest of the Urnighten family consist of Hughon’s bitches and there off-springs. Also they have a lot of human servants whom they drain from blood so they don’t have to hunt every now and then.

But seriously:

The Urnighten family is a family of vampires, currently headed by Harris Urnighten. Located near St. Barbans Town, the Urnighten family takes pride in keeping undercover while still playing “tricks” on the local churches, including leaving vampire spawn at their doorstep.

The family in it’s entirety is comprised of the patriarch Hughon; his wives Alice, Eliza, and Ivory; his sons Harris, Ruben, and Thomas; and his daughters Heidi, Venessa, Harriet, and Fellicia.

With their location being unknown to almost everyone, the Urnighten family enjoys peace and quiet in their mansion, which Hughon himself dug out in his “younger days”. Assisted by several maids and servants, the Urnighten family has completely removed the need to hunt for prey, instead using the servants and maids to quench their thirst.

Unlike most other vampires, the Urnighten family has a very critical need of their blood reserves, and treats the “employed” humans with some decency and respect. The maids and servants even have time outside of the mansion, such that they can sustain themselves, but any and all attempts to rat out the family has grizzly results. A fact that the everyone in the Urnighten family is willing to prove first-hand.

After the liberation of Falkville, Hughon started travelling with his daughter Fellicia, and her personal maid Gloria. This left Harris, the “eldest son”, in charge of the family, much to his dismay. What caused more disarray in the family was Hughon’s unwillingness to share his reasons with any family member, causing Harris to suspect that Hughon was tired of the relatively calm and peaceful life, and that he sought to create a new life with his favored child, Fellicia. Yet, even with Hughon’s departure, the family has stuck together mainly due to the efforts of Alice who, as Hughon’s first wife, trusts his decision and acts as the matriarch in the house. Assisted by Heidi, the “eldest daughter”, they provide a much needed counterbalance to Harris’ hot temper and frustration with his father.

Urnigthen Family

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