Grimtouched of Dar'kharrow

Welcome back traveller, i see you once again desires a tale about our misfit of adventures. Very well i enjoy telling it as much as you enjoy listening to it dear traveller.

As you might remember our little band of merry men and grimtouched was left with a difficult task to kill; not one, not two, but three sergeants leading assaults on unaware grimtouch leaving Falkville. Any lesser team would just have charged the camps and burned them to a crisp and for some it might even have worked! But these adventures did not bring fire power nor fleshbeasts, so they had to rely on their wits, their intuition and most of all; their magic.

Our brave adventures decided to leave Falkville as casual as grimtouchly possible. The mistress had kindly borrowed our party of ninjas and wizards two grimtouch drivers to escort them on their travels. Not long after leaving Falkville the group was ambushed by none other than the first sergeant on their list: Hilligan Ramsbottom! Alongside him was four fierce warriors ready to kill any grimtouched on the carriage. As stated early the only thing this team could do was outwit there opponents and by all that is good of Cayden Caliean they outwitted them!

The sergeants men quickly checked all of their pulses for being grimtouched. First the brilliant wizard Erast, who as we all know was human. Secondly they checked our favored ninja which also checked out sins he is capable of hiding anything! He could even hide a full plate from a rust monster, but that is an entirely different story. Third they check Eric and his wife, which both miraculously wasn’t detected. Everything seemed smooth, until the guards checked the drivers! Unlike our glorious heroes they wasn’t able to hide the truth and battle was about to break out! However being the genius that he is, erast choose to flay an explosion of colors towards the two grimtouched paralysing them! Erast had quickly decided to sacrifice the two nobodies for the greater good of the mission. Our party was invited into the camp as heroes believing they saved the sergeant.

Now our heroes was in an inconceivable promising situation, they had full access to the camp and could use their position to receive information and sneak around without being in harms way. Lucy decided to blend in and do what any mortal and immortal man would do; drink like its the The Fall of Lightgarde. Erik would accompany his beautiful wife without the drinking. Our mystery man of many faces decided to plan out how he would kill the first sergeant, every step of the way and did some reconnaissance along the way. Erast decided to use this situation to gain information about the other camps and possible an entrance available. Erast quickly received information from the southern-looking brown skinned man named Jon Mufasa, just like any brown skinned man he enjoyed chicken, watermelon and had a family tree so complex not even the gods understand it! However Erast quickly learns of a family member of his living in another of three camps named Mikkel Simba, which he actually want a letter delivered too. Erast take on the delivery job and now has an entry ticket to another camp.

Meanwhile time pass and less people starting drinking as dusk approaches, this traveller is where our tale start to get interesting, because in the darkness of the night Thanos Goto the tent of the sergeant, actually he sneaks but it was a little joke. However just like every barmaid is not guaranteed good in the hay, likewise any special ninja may have an off day, which reminds me you gotta ask me sometime about Thanos and the unjumpable tree. However a ninjas speciality is not necessarily just killing, infiltrating and cutting fruit thrown into the air, but also to evolve and adapt to situations when they do not go as planned. While the rest of the party was awaiting Thanos return to the carriage he ended up in a disagree with a random guard. However as ninjas do best, he died. Now Thanos was in a time hurry, since the body would be found relatively soon! He hurried to the tent of Hilligan Ramsbottom only to find him awaken as the alarm sounded. However Thanos Goto do not quit that easily and sways the sergeant to follow him into a more private area of the camp. You gotta ask yourself how stupid the sergeant was to follow a guy he just met the day before just when a body was found in the camp. Here in the private area Thanos tries to stab Sergeant Hilligan Ramsbottom to death, however he missed the death part and just stabbed him. Now most people would run away, but not our brave sergeant, afterall he is not very wise. Eric & Lucy bears witness to this unlike roll of a dice and decided to rush and help this poor ninja in distress. It doesn’t take long for the combined power of these three grimtouched to steal the life of the sergeant, it almost takes more time for them to actually remove the head from the rest of the body. They for some reason believed they actually had to bring back the heads.

During this little uproar three of our four heroes saw a horrendous creature they would never forget: each other. Fleeing back to the carriage with the wizard whipping the horses to their maximum our four heroes continue onward to their next head.

And this traveller is where today’s story end and tomorrows begin…



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