Altha Skyrunner

Leader of the Grailbearers and seated on her (hot) ass within the city of Falkville


Blond hair, fair skin and burning red eyes, Altha is usually clad in black and white robes and donning a breastplate, a steel shield and a longsword. Taller than most, Altha is of a strong and slender build, clocking in at 5’ 10’’ in height and weighing about 170 lbs.


The general jest of it:

The life of Altha began when the life of Sister Captain Eliza ended. Captain Eliza was conned and murdered by Levah, making Levah one of the most wanted men in the realm of Dar’kharrow. However not long after her death, Eliza rose from her death with no memory of who or what she was.

This is where the marvelous and awesome anti-paladin Killigan starts his evil master plan, telling Altha what she is (a grimtouched) and what the world is like (for a grimtouched). Soon after Altha began to harbor an immense hate against anything casting holy spells and even killed some of Levah’s prisoners (which would have cost her atleast a detached head from the shoulders) making him very angry. However Killigan intervened and saved Altha by forcing Levah to back down.

Altha was soon left with Arnoldi while The A-Team sort out more dangerous quest and large gold piles (body piles in the case of Levah) which they didn’t want to share with her.

She later proved that even a level 1 Altha was still more useful in a fight than Sonana, however since he had been founding member of the team it would require an ‘accident’ to get him replaced.

Not much happened in the story of Altha and The A-Team, though she did receive a beautiful gift from Killigan The Stud in the form of a holy symbol made of iron, some weapons and armor.

Not much is known about what happened in the years between Killigan (and the rest of the A-Team’s death) until the point where she charged the charted city of Falkville and claimed it in the name of Glory, God and Gold and The Virginia Company.

But seriously:

Altha Skyrunner, also known as The Mistress, is the current leader of the Grimtouched Grailbearers, and the conqueror of Falkville.

Previously known as Captain Sister Eliza, Altha was a renowned member of the Sisters of Solaire, tasked with hunting down the outlaws Levah and Sonan. Stationed in St. Barbans Town, she was tricked, ambushed, and killed alongside her subordinates on the orders of Arnoldi Grailbearer.

While Levah chose to drag the sisters’ corpses with him for his own devious purposes, two of the sisters survived and were taken prisoner. A short while later, Altha suddenly awoke while the team had set up camp. Realizing that she was grimtouched, Killigan tricked the distraught Altha, giving her a new identity and convincing her that she was being fervently hunted by the living.

Left at camp to contemplate her fate and watch the prisoners, the team set out for their own devices. During this time, the prisoners awoke and confronted Altha about her past, zealously condemning her undeath. Panicked and confused, Altha murdered the prisoners, directly against Levah’s will.

Altha apologized profusely to Levah when the party returned, with little effect, but was spared on the agreement that Killigan would watch her and make sure she did not mess with Levah’s future business.

Rarely engaging in combat, Altha took the role of a healer. Despite the fact that she was greatly inferior to the team, she proved her will to help and became appreciated, even though she was considered unnecessary.

Altha was then left in the care of Arnoldi, who began training her as his subordinate. Still, Altha strove to join forces with Killigan, the only person to show her any kind of compassion, but was too late.

As time went on, Killigan and the team disappeared. Upset by their disappearance, Altha demanded she be allowed to search for them. Being granted her wish, she later found the charred corpses of the team just a few miles northwest of Arnoldi’s hideout. Mourning the death of Killigan, she promised to avenge him, returning his – and only his – corpse to Arnoldi along with the news of their demise.

Now driven by burning hatred, Altha trained relentlessly, murdering countless travellers and citizen of Falkville. Noone exactly knows how Altha became as powerful as she did, but a few years later, Arnoldi initiated the siege of Falkville. The siege would have been a failure had Altha not stood by Arnoldi against the treacherous Sar’khi the Soulless and his lieutenants.

During the battles, Arnoldi lost his jaw and was greatly inhibited in his ability to speak. Realizing that Altha had progressed beyond Arnoldi and knowing that the Grailbearers needed a vocal leader, Arnoldi declared Altha the new leader of the Grailbearers and stepped down from the position himself. Altha immediately took use of the new position, asking Arnoldi to become her bodyguard and head advisor.

Altha used her power and position to initiate diplomatic arrangements with Bloodhold, demanding that Clearwater Reserve would be closed down and that Falkville be left alone as a safe haven for grimtouched. Should her demands not be met, Altha promised that Dar’kharrow would be thrown into civil war, a devastating unrest that would tear the country and all it’s inhabitants apart. Knowing her power, Aranos Brutanados surprisingly fulfilled her wishes, writing in the first time in history that undeath prevailed in Dar’kharrow.

  • Altha has a holy symbol of Urgathoa made out if iron. This holy symbol was a gift to altha from Killigan which was made to match his holy symbol (same design and material but different gods)
  • Altha is the only travelling companion of the A-team to survive past the liberation of Falkville, outliving both Erafas Goldtooth and Nomak

Altha Skyrunner

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