He has A Fucking statue in Falkville


Killigan is a 6 ft. 4 in. tall Human-Grimtouched anti-paladin. He usually wear Hide Armor or an Armored Cape. Throughout his early years he fought using a longsword and a short sword, but later turned to a dangerous combination of an earth-breaker and skar. Killigan has long golden hair which is usually showing a bit under his helmet. He has brown eyes and not a single battle scar.


Not much is known about Killigan before his fateful arrival at Clearwater. Here he took part in the famous outbreak of ’93 alongside Levah and Sonana. This escape was well planed by Arnoldi and (surprisingly) assisted by Nomak.

Killigan, Levah and Sonana soon started completing objectives for Arnoldi, which in turn started the entire revolution leading to grimtouched being in control of Falkville.

The early revolutionary steps involved small cases of arson and killing sprees. However, Killigan never became a wanted man due to his immense ability to remain undetected (or Levah’s lack thereof).

Later on great feats was achieved by Killigan. Firstly, he is well known for his miraculous rivival of Nomak (however he was soon killed again by Levah).

He second great miracle was of course the ressurection of Captain Eliza and giving her a new indentity with the name Altha, where she soon began her campaign for dominance.

Killigan made other interesting connections with both vampires and necromancers (however not much is known about these).

Killigan met his untimely demise (or did he?) at the hands of Grinex Pyrofiend alongside Levah and Sonana. However his action still echo’s to this day (and beyond).

  • During his time as grimtouched, Killigan developed an alter-ego called “the Smiley Killer”. The calling card of the smiley killer was wanted posters which had smiles painted onto them in blood. Due to Killigans death, the Smiley Killer was never found.
  • Killigan had a fiendish bison companion named ‘Mrs. Peach’.
  • Killigan’s name before he died was ‘Avarus Sunchild’.


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