Nomak the immortal (whom died) was a grimtouched known for not being able to die


Not much is known about Nomak except that he is based on Nomak from Blade 2. He does exactly was Nomak does in Blade 2; he eats people, and he eats more people.

Seemingly withered, Nomak is 6’ 1’’ tall and his veins are clearly visible all over his pale skin, his eyes painted an almost glowing yellow, with his hands twisted into claws. Usually dressed in an armored cloak and carrying a backpack, Nomak is armed with a scimitar and a warhammer.


The general jest of it:

Nomak was first seen during The Famous Outbreak of ‘93 and has since been seen several times in the process of eating people… He doesn’t do much more than that, expect trying to pick a fight with Levah.

Nomak was seen several times in Falkville and told The A-Team how to cross the wall and enter The Ruins of Lightgarde.

The A-Team soon set out on an adventure to The Ruins of Lightgarde and here they made a formidable stand alongside Nomak to defend eachother at the cost of their own lives. After defeating hordes after hordes of ghouls attacking relentlessly the sounds of battle finally died out. Thinking that all was well Nomak turned to his new friends and family to speak a gesture of friendship, only to be meet by a scythe wielded by Sonana.

However that was not the End of Nomak (the Immortal) because believe it or not (believe it, trust me) he was later ressurected by Killigan with the help of his little green friend [citation needed]. This of course caused som confusion, whatwith undead normally being unaffected by ressurection after death. After being ressurected Nomak said his goodbyes to The A-Team and left on his own.

Nomak however had a habit of leaving bodies as a message and the group consisting of Killigan, Sonana & Levah. Was soon contracted by Arnoldi to find him and stop him from killing people and leaving them as a trail directly to his hideout.

It didn’t take the The A-Team long to find Nomak and he agreed to come back to meet Arnoldi. However on the way he decided to make some conversation with Levah, which he would forget soon, because he died (again) and that is the end of Nomak (or is it?).

But Seriously:

Nomak is a grimtouched cannibal, and one of the few to fully exploit his ability to take on different traits.

First encountered during the team’s escape from Clearwater Reserve, Nomak was seen countless times devouring humans and grimtouched alike, even going as far as to kill and eat other undead creatures.

While Nomak is obviously insane, his demeanour ranges from raving madness to completely calm, even when staring death in the eye. While it would be tempting to say that Nomak is slow to anger, it couldn’t be further from the truth; Nomak’s life is nothing but anger.

During his travels Nomak did little to hide his existance, or even his location. Living amongst the poorest citizenry of the cities, Nomak was feared as an example of the horrors that grimtouched are capable of, and was hunted as monster.

One of the more regular travellers in Lightgarde, Nomak gained the ability to paralyze opponents from eating ghouls. Specializing in intimidation tactics and being well versed in melee combat, Nomak would turn most battles into a gruesom display, rendering many combatants struck with fear. Carrying both a scimitar, a warhammer, and a wide range of knives, he made use of whatever weapon he saw fit.

Nomak was first killed by Sonan, after standing side by side with the team against a wave of ghouls. Refusing to leave Nomak dead, Killigan arranged for his revival with the help of the mad gnome of Lightgarde. Nomak then left for his own goals, parting ways with the team.

A rebel at heart, Nomak found Arnoldi’s hideout and started preying on the grimtouched. Initially killing several of Arnoldi’s henchmen, he left the scene of gore clearly pointing towards the hideout. Frustrated at the display of arrogance, Arnoldi tasked the team with finding Nomak and bringing him back alive, wanting to bring justice to the man who killed so many grimtouched. The team found Nomak, and convinced him to see Arnoldi. Yet Nomak, unsatisfied with his forecoming execution, tried (and failed) to trick Killigan and Levah into thinking Sonan was a traitor. Refusing to recognize authority, Nomak quarreled with Levah with fatal results.

Unable and unwilling to attempt another ressurection, Nomak was left dead on Levah’s corpse pile, and forgotten about when the team was killed by Grinex Pyrofiend.


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