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  • Sun Sons

    The Sun Sons are the church around these parts. They prech about how to kill undeads, without having tried any of their methods in action. They are are close resemblance to catholic religion: They take your money in exchange for useless information and …

  • Arnoldi Grailbearer

    Arnoldi Grailbearer is the previous leader of the Grimtouched Grailbearers, and currently head advisor and bodyguard to [[:altha | Altha Skyrunner]]. Arnoldi cares litte about how he came to be, who he was, and who knew him before he became grimtouched. …

  • Gronk

    Gronk is the second bodyguard of [[:altha | Altha Skyrunner]], and the teammate of [[:bonk | Bonk]]. Noone but Altha knows whose corpse was used in the creation of Gronk

  • Nidus Wyrmhaul

    Nidus Wyrmhaul is captain of the guard of [[Falkville | Falkville]], and a loyal subject of [[:altha | Altha Skyrunner]]. Being a death knight, Nidus is well respected among the living dead, and has shown to be unwavering in his values. While seldom …

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