Deathshield Guardians


The Deathshield Guardians is the military force currently ruling Dar’kharrow. Lead by Aranos Brutanados, the organization has gained a monumental amount of power for being adamant at the destruction of grimtouched.

After the fall of Lightgarde, which resulted in the utter collapse of Dar’kharrow, Aranos Brutanados created the Deathshield Guardians and instated military rule to reestablish order in Dar’kharrow. Having immense early success, the Deathshield Guardians became a well respected force, renowned for their dilligence and determination.

Established in Bloodhold – their headquarters – the Deathshield Guardians have a force of guards dedicated to protecting Bloodhold and any valuable assets during transportation. Members of this task force are known as Sentinels, and are particularly well trained, much more so than standard city guards.

Deathshield Guardians

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