The Mistress and Anoldi's heir

The Mistress and Arnoldi’s Heir

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Author: Otiven Homeforger.

Now, this is the story all about how
Dar’kharrow got flipped-turned upside down
And I’d like to take a minute, just sit right there
I’ll tell you how Altha became the Mistress and Arnoldi’s Heir

In Killigans arms, born and raised
Killing sisters is where she spent most of her days
Spazzing out, bashing, dismantling ghouls
And generally breaking all Dar’kharrow’s rules

When a pyromaniac gnome who was up to no good
Started crisping grimtouched in my neighborhood
Killigan got in one little fight and Altha got scared
And said, “I’ll get back his body while you’ll be chaired”

She begged and pleaded Arnoldi the other day
But he drew up battle plans and marched on his way
He called to arms and they marched on Falkville
I put my holy symbol on and said, “There is blood to spill!”

First clash, yo this is bad
better start healing this grimtouched mass
Is this what the people of Falkville are livin’ like?
Hmmm, this might be alright.

During the fight Arnoldi lost his jaw
“A leader with no mouth?!” The grimtouched in uproar
If anything Altha thought this chance was rare
Then she decided to raise her weapon in the air

The chance for a take over was on a plate
And she yelled to the horde, “This is our fate!”
Looked at her kingdom, she was finally there
To sit on her throne as the mistress and Arnoldi’s heir

The Mistress and Anoldi's heir

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